Happy New Year

Wishing you a Happy New Year with family[...]

100th Anniversary

We proudly celebrate the 100th anniversary of[...]

April 23

The National Sovereignty and Children's Day[...]

8 March

One for all, all for our strength.[...]

Yavuz Tekstil Hiring

Yavuz Tekstil is looking for Merchandisers.[...]

Merry Christmas

We celebrate our partners Merry Christmas.[...]

Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to our fathers, whose power we feel with us throughout our lives.[...]

19 Mayıs

Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day (Atatürk'ü Anma, Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı)[...]

Eid Mubarak Celebration

Yavuz Tekstil employees celebrated the Ramadan Feast with the video they prepared.[...]

We celebrate 23 April

This national day, April 23 Children’s Day, in Turkey is a unique event.[...]

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