Apply to work in Yavuz Tekstil



    The recruitment process is carried out in accordance with the principles of Yavuz Tekstil Recruitment Procedure. The main purpose of the recruitment process is to select the right person for the right job in accordance with the Cultural Principles of our group and to bring in the candidates with the requirements of the position to the group.

    The Recruitment Process starts with the publication of the job announcement and continues with the review of applications and sequential interviews. The reference control for the candidate to be submitted results in the determination of the wage and the submission of a written job offer. Employees, who are employed or left work, are notified in writing to the whole group.

    At the end of our evaluations, feedback is given to the candidates. All applications made to our company are evaluated with respect to fairness and equality of opportunity within the scope of confidentiality principle.


    Yavuz Tekstil plans and carries out the necessary training for its employees to support their individual development. Training activities are carried out in accordance with Yavuz Tekstil Training Procedure and Annual Training Plan.