Yavuz Tekstil specializes in ladies and mens washed garments, jean manufacturer to Turkey which include denim garments and also soft tailoring.

Our goal at YAVUZ is to manufacture garments, which comply to the specifications agreed with our customers and deliver these goods on time, responding quickly to their needs.

All the processes beginning from sampling to shipment stages are being controlled regularly in producing best quality garments meeting our customers’ demands and standards. These controls begin with fit development samples and continues through into stitching, print, embroidery, pilot production, inline controls, measurement checks before and after washing, pre-production garment washing stages ending with AQL.

We are committed to “Right first time’ at all levels of the company. Our main principle is to adopt a quality system preventing faults before they occur.

We aim to produce with minimum costs in order to provide workable and competitive prices. In all production stages efficiency is recorded and analysed at every stage to help improve and achieve higher targets to meet customer deadlines.

We have invested in modern plant machinery and also in CAD system, which has helped to manage the communication, flow process through the factory, from the pattern development to the cutting process. This in return has eliminated errors, improved the factory efficiency, and controlled fabric wastage. This has automatically resulted in giving our customer a lower cost garment with a high quality finish with a quick turn around.


  • By giving a high importance to quality management, we aim to accomplish all stakeholder’s expectations and customer satisfaction.
  • To provide continuous improvement on business processes.
  • By using all sources effectively and achieve “right first time” in production.
  • To produce the best, safe and fit for purpose product for our customers by implementing all related legislation and other requirements.
  • To respect the community and provide healthy and secure working conditions and eliminate industrial injuries.
  • To control and improve the health & safety risks and environmental effects in our working area.
  • To save natural resources and energy.
  • To reduce industrial wasteges and dispose all by recycling and achieve to prevent pollution.
  • And to support research and development on all our processes.