Yavuz Tekstil is the woven apparel manufacturing company. We specialize in woven garments for ladies and men and supply top quality garments to many well-known international brands having department stores in European market.

With our knowledge and expertise especially in washed denim garments manufacturer we work closely with our customer to provide them with innovative techniques, incorporated into a good quality garment.


Our services include garment development through to delivery and shipment. This success and achievement has come about by sustaining key goals;

  • Maintain good quality garments
  • Achieving reliable, on time delivery
  • Responding to the fast fashion market
  • Flexible and being able to adapt to a changing market

With all these points we can claim that we are not just a supplier to our customer, but we also guarantee that we are a strategical key partner for them.We produce approximately 3 million denim garments and fashion garments per year.