Social Resposıbılıtes

Yavuz Tekstil passionately believes that we have a responsibility to help make our communities better places in which to live and work.

This approach is expressed as one of the missions of Yavuz Tekstil. This mission aims to preserve and improve the life and cultural values both for employees and society. The production in all Yavuz manufacturing facilities is in line with the respect to these values that we place on people and environment.
Knowing that the best support we can give is to help others, to help themselves we encourage our employees to develop new skills.

We believe the skills and attributes of our employees are our biggest asset and we support this with continuous training, correct tools and equipment to complete the job accurately, and a health and safety environment second to none.

All of the Yavuz Tekstil production facilities are set to maintain ethical trading principles. We know that we get the best efficiency out of employees as long as they are happy in the business environment. It is good to know that people choose to join the company for reasons both professional and social.
  • Social Compliance Policy
  • Respect Human Rights at all times.
  • Provide the Correct Necessary Equipment to get the job done right.
  • Provide a Safe and Pleasant working environment.
  • Respect all Local Laws and Regulations.
  • Operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Support sustainable business practices.
  • Protect the environment by using cleaner, safer working practices.
  • Operate within *Government Guidelines, *GSPETI standards.
  • Set goals in achieving recognized Accreditations.
  • Work with business partners that share our commitment.

*GSPETI and Government Guidelines.

Global Sourcing Principles and Ethical Trading Initiatives are standards of trading which can be independently checked and assessed by leading Auditors.

Working to these standards ensures our people are treated with respect, and their health, safety and basic human rights are protected and promoted. Complying with all relevant local and national laws and regulations.